Spice it Up: Sex Toys 101

The world of sex toys is an expansive and confusing one – with all the kinds of different functions, materials,design, price points, and more. There is no brief way to go over the nuances of all products in this post, but we can go over some of the basics.

There are a lot of benefits to introducing sex toys into your play – whether that’s a vibrator, a cock ring, or some sort of sensation play, there is a lot of potential for adding something new and exciting to your solo or partnered play. Though it’s true that some people feel inadequacy when a toy is introduced – like they’re being replaced, or that the toy means they aren’t good enough at something – that is absolutely not the case. Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, sex toys of all kinds can add something great to your sexual encounters. Think of them as enhancing rather than replacing – taking what you already have and making it even better.

Let’s go over a few of the most basic kinds of toys, what they do, and how they can help. All body parts will be talked about with medical terms, for the sake of clarity since different people have different words and different setups!


No matter what your built-in equipment is like, vibrators are pretty great – though it has been proven that up to 70% of people with vulvas can only orgasm with clitoral stimulation, and vibrators can shake up the internal portion of the clitoris (it’s like an iceberg; most of it is internal) to get the blood flowing, which makes it much more sensitive. Vibrators can also stimulate other parts of the body, though, which is a fact that is often overlooked whether it’s the nipples, testicles, the base and head of the penis (especially during oral), and any other sensitive bits.

Kinds of Vibrators:

  • External Only, which can be small like the We Vibe Tango or large like the Magic Wand Original, or Hitachi Magic Wand wand style vibrators.
  • Internal – which can be straight or curved, the latter being for G Spot stimulation.
  • Cock Rings – an easy solution for people who want to use a vibrator during penetration but don’t want to hold it in place. More info below.
  • Plugs – a rarity, but some sort of flared base is necessary for anal use. More information on this below.

How they can be incorporated into partnered play: pretty seamlessly, actually! Small external vibes can be used during penetrative intercourse, there are a lot of products that are specifically for use during penetrative intercourse (like vibrating cock rings and “couples” vibes), and there are a lot of creative ways to use vibes with a partner, whether that’s with a remote-controlled toy in a restaurant or them watching you use one.


Plugs can be used by anyone with an anus – I think it’s fair to say everyone. And they have the potential to feel good for most people! Dr. Jack Morin’s Anal Pleasure and Health is a good place to start. Anal play does not need to be painful, and plugs can be an integral part of helping your body learn to feel it as pleasurable. It is important to note that you need a flared base on your anal toy of choice – or it can get sucked into your rectum and lead to an unpleasant ER visit. So make sure there is a flared base that will keep it firmly anchored on the outside of your body! Once you’ve ensured that criteria, there are a ton of options in size, materials, and even decoration – you can find plugs with swarovski crystals, real or faux tails, and even silicone puppy tails that wag. Depending on what you’re into, some of these options might be really great for you.

How they can be incorporated into partnered play: Plugs can be worn during different parts of intercourse and feel really great – they can also be used as a warm up for larger penetrative objects, and some more comfortable designs can be worn throughout the day, which offers a lot of imaginative options.


Believe it or not, lube is a sex toy in it’s own right. Although it can be useful for people who don’t experience “enough” natural lubrication on their own – which is completely natural and normal! – the fact of the matter is that friction decreases moisture no matter what you’re doing, and anal play of any kind requires lubricant. Not only can lubes make things more slippery than we normally can achieve, they can also contribute sensations like warming or cooling, and flavor. Lubes are a fairly complicated subject with a lot of bad ones out there, and I’ll cover that more extensively at a later time, but have some tips below.

Kinds of Lube

  • Water Based – the most complicated, with different thicknesses as well as flavors, sensations, and more. Many Water based lubricants contain harmful or irritating ingredients. You can learn a little more about that here. Water based lubes sink into the skin or dry up fast, so you’ll need to reapply them – but are compatible with all sex toy materials and condoms. I recommend: Good Clean Love, Sliquid, Blossom Organics
  • Silicone Based – These are very simple, do not interact with your body as they are completely inert, can be used as a hypoallergenic massage ‘oil’ and never dry up – a little goes a long way, and you’ll still be slick the next morning if you don’t wash up with soap and water. You can even use silicone lubes in water, but be careful using them in the shower as they can make the tub just as slippery. These last forever and are great for people with sensitivities, but may try to “bond” with silicone toys (so don’t use them with silicone!). They are used for lubricating most latex condoms and actually condition latex, so they’re fine with condoms! I recommend: Most silicone lubes are created equal, but Uberlube has a nice pump top and also includes Vitamin E.
  • Silicone/Water Hybrid – The best of both worlds. More long-lasting than water, easier to clean up than pure silicone, and they won’t interact with your silicone toys. Like their two components, they are condom safe, but some hybrids have the nasties found in water based lubes. I recommend: Sliquid Silk.
  • Oil Based – complicated. Very complicated, but worth it if you do it right. Mineral Oil based lubes should only be used externally and maybe anally, but plant based oils are safe to use vaginally. They’re ideal for anal use because they’re long lasting and luxurious, and super moisturizing. These are not latex and polyisoprene condom safe, however, they can be used with polyeurethane, nitrile, and lambskin condoms. They cannot be used with porous sex toys, but are safe for use with silicone, specially treated wood, glass, metal, and other non-porous options. I recommend: Yes Organics Oil, Coconu Oil.

How it can be incorporated into partnered play: Pretty straightforward! Lube can make everything all slippery and fun. If you’re working with plain silicone lube, it can also be used as an unscented massage ‘oil’ that’s safe for your bits and for condoms – but don’t use actual massage oils on your junk or near condoms, which they can degrade!

Cock Rings

Another thing that can “assist” but still doesn’t mean that you’re inadequate in some way if you use it. I like to describe cock rings thusly: there is a natural ebb and flow in penile erections. When you use a cock ring, it brings you to your physical best length, girth, and firmness, and helps reduce the extremity of the ebb and flow. In other words, you get harder and for the most part, stay harder. Trapping blood in the penis also makes it more sensitive and can make the veins more prominent, which can create a different texture. Add some vibrations to the mix, and things can get pretty interesting.

How they can be incorporated into partnered play: whether a “plain” cock ring is used just for the effect, or you use a beautiful one in order to dress up, or you add vibrations to the mix, cock rings can be a fantastic addition to both solo and partnered play.

These are just some of the most basic toys you can pull into your partnered or solo experience to spice things up – there is a whole world of interesting sex toys to bring into your play and make things more interesting. The best advice I can give is to research, explore, and have an imagination. Play is supposed to be fun, after all.

How to Spot Lack of Self Respect In 8 Seconds

Grab a piece of paper and write down the following (one sentence) as if you were to introduce yourself to a group of people via a small note:

  • Greet the group and say your name.
  • Write down one thing you enjoy doing.

Now look at the sentence, it probably looks something like this:
Hi I’m Bob, and I enjoy paragliding.”

Now I got two questions for you:

  • Did you refer to yourself with an uppercase ‘I’?
  • Did you take the time to write your name with a capital letter?

The word ‘I’ is the most frequently used word in the English language. Unfortunately I see many people never even take the time to refer to themselves with the proper way yet they wonder why they feel like a fucking loser.

I’ll tell you why you feel like a fucking loser- you lack self respect. You think Denzel Washington would write: “Hi i’m denzel and i enjoy acting”.

Hells no. He is a man who has self respect and for good reason.

If you don’t even take the .33miliseconds of extra time to hit that Shift button when you are talking about yourself than you can bet your sweet ass that you are:

  • Slacking in other areas of your life.
  • Someone who doesn’t value himself highly.

You’re not getting results because you apparently don’t believe on a deeper level you are worth it and never want to run the extra mile.

“Alon you’re overreacting” you say. Am I really though? Think about it.

Stop for a moment and think about the way you communicate about yourself.

The little things in life are often a reflection of what we truly believe deep down we are worth.

  • If you don’t cover that sandwich liberally in peanut butter you likely are selling yourself short in other areas of your existence.
  • If you don’t even take the time to actually lift up that bowl when cleaning the table you likely don’t take a meticulous approach doing other things.
  • If you always say ‘no thank you I can’t accept that’ when someone offers you a gift, help, or money, you likely don’t believe you are worth the help.

Stop over-complicating things and become aware of the little things in life that show how you really value yourself.

From now on, no matter the occasion, formal or informal, make a vow to refer to yourself properly- always take the time to hit that Shift button. You deserve it my friend.

Skewed Expectations – How the Media Fucks Up Your Sex Life

Most of us get most of our info regarding sex from the media- whether it is the TV, a radio show or a magazine doesn’t matter. This also goes for women. The problem with this is that it leads to skewed expectations of what constitutes ‘good sex’ resulting in bad sex in real life. Both men and women in my opinion seem to forget that the media is mostly for entertainment purposes. I’m gonna talk about the consequences of skewed expectations and the role porn plays in this.

Women and Good Sex

A lot of women have developed a skewed image of what sex should be like and the role a man should play. You see it all the time, especially in the media- which is the number one provider of ‘information’ concerning relationships and sex for a lot of women and men (apart from porn). This is especially true for movies and magazines.

Next time you’re watching a movie, reality show or sitcom pay close attention to the dialogue the girls and women often have when it comes to the sexual performance of the guy. The super well endowed guy who could go on all night is always what gets the girls hot and excited. This is normal; it is evolutionary biology molded in a 21st century marketing casket.

Seeing this over and over again, they can’t help but slowly let it form an image in their minds of what sex should be like. Of course there is not necessarily anything wrong with this, it’s just that we all know the media tends to exaggerate. A lot. The truth is that a lot of us don’t fit into this idealized image women created based on what the media feeds them.

Example of Sex Stereotypes Fed by the Media for Women:

  • All black guys are well endowed.
  •  All Asian guys have small penises.
  •  Typical badass bikers will also be good in the sack.
  •  Sensitive guys will never be a good lay.
  •  All Spanish men look like Rafael Nadal and are the best lovers they’ve ever had (there is even a movie about this called Vicki Christina Barcelona).
  •  Men ‘take’ sex and women ‘give’ sex.

And so on and so forth.

Point 6 really pisses me off at times. I sometimes feel that a lot of girls who watched too much Sex & the City and what not have just bought into the whole ‘Im the prize and so is my pussy’ mindset. Why?! Last time I checked it’s about mutual giving & receiving and using sex as a ‘reward’ for a guy is about the last thing it is and should be. What am I, a fucking dog that ran after the ball when you threw it?

Just this mindset alone can really mess with the sexual chemistry in my experience- and that’s never a good thing.

Zombie Nation-Zombie Sex

Average Sex Also Sucks Balls

The other side of the spectrum is also worth mentioning: women that are used to, or have settled into average sex at best. Some women out there are used to their man not being able to last more than five minutes or getting hard despite significant sexual experience. Maybe it’s because she never experienced anything different, or because they just love their man and ‘accept’ him and all his ‘flaws’.

Though at some level this is quite romantic it is something that no woman should experience. Every woman deserves a fulfilling sex life, as does every man. Being able to stay hard and last at least long enough to really get it going with the woman you are with helps you with giving her the sexual satisfaction she craves. Now keep in mind that long sex sessions don’t necessarily equate to good sex. It is important however, to understand that skewed expectations only make matters worse when reality is nothing but a big fat disappointment.

Men Are Guilty Too

We men are equally guilty in creating skewed and unrealistic expectations when it comes to sex and the role of the man and woman when they’re together being intimate. It’s a bit different though. Some women tend to develop either overly high expectations, or very low expectations of men who should ‘perform’ (with of course a large grey area between these two ‘extremes’). Guys on the other hand often make a subconscious comparison with adult film actors, putting an unnecessarily high burden on their shoulder without realizing it.

Men Tend to Create Performance Pressure Which Results in:

  •  ED or PE- somewhere down the road this always happens.
  •  Rigidness & tension during sex- the inability to relax.
  •  Inhibitions- not letting their animalistic side play part in sex.

This is because they are always comparing themselves with what they see in adult movies in the back of their mind.

Watching porn over and over again we start believing that every guy out there is hung like a horse that can go on for hours and hours straight shooting a load that could drown a whale.

Logically speaking, we all know pornography is staged, its entertainment. Unfortunately, we slowly start believing what we see in adult movies.

Now you might not actually watch a lot of porn which I consider to be a good thing in general (I’ll talk about this in other articles). Nonetheless, we sometimes can’t help but feel a deep saddening because the women seem to enjoy it so much, the men can do it all, and our personal experiences might have been quite different. This causes feelings of let down, insecurity, and even depression which in turn affect our ability to get hard.

How Porn Works

If we would take a look behind the scenes we would see that a scene of twenty minutes might take an hour or longer to shoot. Not only that but scenes are often shot from multiple angles and the editors cut often entails the merging of these different shots making a scene that only took 2minutes seem like it was 5minutes. It might look like the guys stay hard for hours but we don’t see the fluffers between takes.

For those of you unfamiliar with the slang ‘fluffer’, they are basically the girls keeping the male actors stay hard between scenes by jerking them off or giving head. There is obviously much more going on, with pills being used and often exercises the actors use to ‘train’ themselves in lasting longer- similar to what you’re about to learn.

Make sure you keep in mind that a lot of what you see is staged and that apart from some genetic ‘freaks of nature’ they are all just guys, just like you and me. The difference is that they often train themselves to excel sexually speaking because their job depends on it (fortunately, we can learn this).

The Take-Aways

•The media is full of shit but we tend to forget- 90% of our knowledge regarding sex comes from the media, hope you see the problems this can cause.

•Both men & women have skewed expectations when it comes to sex resulting in less chemistry when its sexy time.

•For guys: stop comparing yourself to porn stars- it will fuck with your sexual & emotional health.

•For girls: stop thinking that sex is something you ‘give’ to men- sex should never be some reward for ‘good behavior’.

Revv Up the Vibration! Bringing Sex Toys into your Relationship.

Maybe you have been using toys on your own and are looking for a way to bring them out of the closet and into your bed.  Or perhaps you are curious about toy play and want to dive in with your partner for the first time.  Sex toys are a fun way to explore yourself and your partner.  Below are a few tips on revving up the vibration in your sex life with toys.

Introducing the idea to your partner.

From television to the internet, sex toys are a topic that many other people are already talking about.  An easy way to open the conversation is to mention something that you heard about or saw and how curious you were about it!  If he has not used toys himself in the past, he may need some educating himself before he is ready to dive in.

Browsing products online together, after some nervous laughs and maybe a glass of champagne, is a great way to explore your fantasies together and break the ice.  Including him in the process of selection helps to alleviate some of his anxieties and assures him that he is not doing anything wrong.  Once he is sure that the toys are not replacing him, he may feel like he has hit the sexual lottery!

Where to start.

It is very common for couples to begin to explore toys using a vibrator.  Treating the vibrator like an extension of your usual foreplay experience, you can use the toy to explore each other’s bodies getting an idea of what feels good.  Be sure to let him know!

Selecting a vibrator.

There is no wrong answer when it comes to a vibrator.  Couples may own one tried and true, or mix it up with several from a variety.  Below are a few of our favorite toys.

  • I know quite a few ladies who are tried and true fans of power eggs and bullets. These small toys allow stimulation for you, while your partner can enter you from behind.  It is a simple and fun way to ease into vibrators together without switching things up too much the first few times.
  • The Rocks Off LUV Vibrating Massager is novel and fun. It’s shape and design is very inviting, making both you and your partner a little more comfortable while you expore!
  • For a fully penetrating experience, the Jessica Rabbit Ultimate Plus has it all. Three rows of stimulation beads, a larger than average shaft with reversible rotation and jelly clit stimulation.

Introduce lube.

When it comes to toy play, a little lube goes a long way and a lot of lube is even better!  Lubrication increases satisfaction and comfort, especially while exploring the body in new ways.  All lubes are not created equally and each bring their own talents to the game.

Peepd.com offers sampler packs, which I recommend.  Below are a few products featured and where they specialize:

  • D Pleasure: tingly! Since every body is different, you and your partner may experience sensational lubrications differently, which can be very fun.  Coupled with the vibration of your toy, you can share notes on where you’ve tingled.
  • ID Glide: silky smooth and reactivated with water.  For sessions of any length, pleasure is heightened and comfort is enhanced with the right use of lubrication.  Long lasting and highly smooth products create the desired feeling without requiring continual usage.
  • ID Sensation: warms when you blow on it. Warming lubrications are my favorite.  It works just like how it sounds and creates extra comfort and pleasure.
  • ID Millenium: can be used underwater and never gets sticky. Great for bathtub play.
  • Juicy lube: variety of flavors. Great for toy play where you are pleasured with the toy while orally pleasuring your partner at the same time.

Keeping the toy clean.

Condoms are a great way to explore safe toy use.  Condoms should always be used where there is a concern about protection from infection- whether between you and your partner, or bacteria from different parts of your body.  Be smart. Cleaning or replacing the condom is always a good idea when switching things up during play.  Warm soapy water will do the trick before, during and after!

Always remember to power down.

Remember to remove the batteries in your vibrator, especially while cleaning.  (This also can ensure that your vibrator does not go off when it is least desirable and expected… hello, Mom!)






We Dig Jenna Ivory

You initially came to my attention when I saw some photos of you dressed as Marilyn Monroe at the XRCO awards. Are you a huge Marilyn fan?
I’m not trying to look like her – it just kind of happened. I just got my extensions and combed my hair that way one day and it just complimented my features.

You started in 2013 but the breakout year was 2014, where you did about 50 videos, is that right?
Yea, I did about 50 videos in 2014 and I’m probably close to 100 now.

That seems like a lot.. is it or is that the norm?
That’s definitely a lot – I was working almost every day

So were you sexually promiscuous prior to getting into the industry?
Not so much, no – I think I only blew one or two guys and I didn’t really enjoy it and only had sex with a few guys prior to porn.  I was kind of sexually inexperienced.

So how did you decide to get into the adult industry? How did you make the jump?
Well I’ve always wanted to model and really as soon as the cameras turn on I become a completely different person. What I love about being on film and in the industry is that I’m able to completely explore my sexuality while being in a safe environment. You get to have experiences that a lot of regular people who aren’t in the industry fantasize about but can’t actually make happen. Um, I guess you could say that I’m just a bit of a nympho!

Do you enjoy blowing guys now?
I love it – I like that control knowing that a man is mine as his cock enters my lips. I just love the texture, the feeling in my mouth as I’m deepthroating it!

Since you weren’t that sexually active prior to the adult industry, was it awkward the first couple of times you filmed or were you just born to be in front of the camera?
Yea, actually if you watch a couple of my first scenes, you’ll see I didn’t really moan much at all – I also didn’t know how to position myself in front of the camera. Practice makes perfect!

What was your first scene?
Actually before I signed with my current agency, I did a scene for Bubble Gum Casting. If you watch it you’ll see what I mean about being awkward and nervous. It was a standard boy/girl scene in 2012.

Speaking of scenes, one thing that I noticed that’s cool is that you do a lot of interracial scenes. I’ve always been curious, particularly after reading an article from Aurora Snow on The Daily Beast if interracial porn really is seen as taboo and whether there’s any truth to the popular myth  that directors will pay a girl less once she has shot interracial scenes?
Audio cut out – will try to follow up on first part of question – second part of question – It’s just a myth – my pay hasn’t decreased!

I’m guessing that you’ve had a lot of firsts in terms of sexual experiences while shooting?
Yea actually – I’ve had sex under water, anal, domination – I actually found out that I’m a switch and that I can be both a dominant and a submissive.

Woah – sex under water? Do tell!
Oh that was so fun. The whole entire scene was under water and it was very creative and artistic which is something I really like.

How does that work – were you fully submerged under water?
Fully submerged! You just have to learn how to breathe properly – I went to set early each day so that I could learn to breathe properly while under, like for instance if I was to be at the very bottom of the pool, I’d have to exhale while submerging.

That seems like a lot to keep track of, between making sure the scene is good and you know, breathing. Was it?
No actually I was a natural at it. It wasn’t hard for me at all.

So there really was no blue screen?
Laughing. No…

Going back to firsts – do you enjoy dom/sub play?
It’s an interesting dynamic – there’s a lot of little mind games happening that force a very intense and emotional reaction – it’s basically a trigger and you have to give into it, physically and emotionally.­­­­­

I guess you can say it’s kind of like a therapy.
Yea definitely.

Do you prefer being dominant or submissive?
I like both – if I find a partner who is submissive, then I know I can pull out my dominant side and vice versa.

And so are a lot of the sex acts that you do on video things that you enjoy doing in real life?
Yea definitely, I really don’t do anything on films that I wouldn’t do in real life. I’ll basically try anything once to see what it’s like.

I noticed that you’ve done some girl-on-girl scenes? Is that something that you enjoy in real life?
Yea, definitely – I would consider myself bi-sexual. I considered myself bi-curious early on – I watched a few lesbian scenes but I just never had a chance to be with a girl other than to really just kiss a girl until getting into the industry when I shot a few girl-girl scenes.

How was your first time with a girl?
It was an amazing experience – it was a boy-girl-girl scene and the other woman was Ash Hollywood she’s a really great performer and really beautiful.

Is there anything niche you don’t think you’ll ever do?
Bukkake – I’m really not into degradation.

Being so open sexually, I’m sure that you have some good tips that you could provide to anyone reading this interview.
Personally, I think it’s all about being comfortable – don’t overstep your comfort zone, but don’t be afraid to push your boundaries a little bit.

Is there anything specific that a person can do to push those boundaries a bit?
To each their own – try to get in touch with your sexuality. Honestly, I’m just a very outgoing person – I’m really freaky and like to try everything at least once.

Speaking of being a freak, any odd or unique locations that you enjoy having sex?
Cars, kitchens, counter tops, floors, couches – really just anywhere!

It seems like quite the metamorphosis, being that girl from Arizona to the adult star you are today that’s willing to try anything. I know we touched upon why you decided to get into the industry, but was there a particular catalyst that sparked the decision?
Well actually I’m from Tacoma, Washington. Originally, I raised myself growing up. I’ve always been an independent person and of course porn is a means of income so it was a way of taking care of myself financially, but it was also a way to explore my sexuality – a very two-for-one kind of thing.

I know there’s a huge difference between being an adult performer and being a prostitute but has anyone ever confused what you do with prostitution or blurred that boundary? As in tried to pay you to have sex with them?
That stuff happens all the time. You get that type of stuff all the time as a performer. Even fans, or people, following me on Twitter will pretend to be representing companies but I don’t really deal with that – I’ll tell them to book me through my modeling agency. My agency Ideal Management will determine if the opportunity is legitimate or not.

I notice that you have a huge Twitter following (@jennaivoryxxx) – I would bet that you have a few celebrities following you if I went through the list. Have any hit on you though direct message on Twitter?
I can think of several

Can you share any names?
I’d prefer not to

How did you get connected with Ideal Management?
I found them online while browsing the Internet and submitted my photos and they contacted me immediately.

So what’s the process – you submit your photos, they contact you and then?
I went to their office in California where we did an interview and it basically started that way.

And it’s an interview or are you expected to perform?
Strictly interview – the most they would do is take pictures of me nude but that’s just for booking purposes.

So you were saying that you got into this career because you were taking care of yourself – are you close with your family and if you are, what do they think of your career choice?
My family doesn’t judge me – they’re completely supportive and just want me to be happy and safe.

How often do you go back?
It wasn’t too long ago – right before Thanksgiving.

Do old acquaintances know what you’re up to or say anything?
Actually yea, when I got into the industry, I had some mutual friends message me on my personal Facebook that I had gone to high school with and that some guy was showing them some video and they were like OMG that girl used to go here.

Is that awkward?
I wouldn’t say awkward – more surprising. I’ve had a few instances like that recently. When I do go back home, I definitely have a few people who recognize me.

Sorry for jumping a bit with topics but getting back to your scenes, do you really orgasm while on film or is it all an act?
Most certainly I do enjoy it – if I didn’t enjoy it I wouldn’t do it. As far as orgasms go they’re all real.

Do you prefer clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation or a combination?
The majority of the time when I orgasm it’s due to clitoral stimulation.

Do you like to use toys to get yourself off?
I own and primarily use a Hitachi – it’s the best!

 Before doing a scene, do you make any small talk or how do you get yourself comfortable with the people you’re working with?
Yea we make a little bit of small talk but the majority of people that I work with I already know through events or I’ve already met them.

Is it all strictly business or have ever had sex with one of your co-stars outside of a shoot?
At the end of the day, professionally, this is my job and my career, so I take it very seriously. For instance, I don’t do any drugs, I barely drink any alcohol. I like to show up on time, have all my paperwork ready and to be very organized.

So what’s the next step in the evolution of what you’re trying to do professionally?
I don’t have long term plans – I’m really taking it day-by-day, but in June, I’m planning on being more selective with the studios that I work with for both branding purposes as well as my career. At the end of the day this is my profession so I want to make sure I’m branding myself correctly and that I’m working with the top companies. I want to be recognized for my hard work and I’ll even watch some of my scenes to try and see what I can improve on as well.

Which stars do you hope to emulate with your hard work?
Definitely Jenna Jameson and Amber Lynn  – they’ve both made a name for themselves and have had a huge impact on the industry.

Who would you say are some of the top companies?
Adam & Eve, Wicked, Naughty America, Jules Jordan and Brazzers just to name a few.

Any in particular that you want to work with?
Definitely Wicked as well as Digital Playground – I want to shoot more porn stories. There content is great, the way they shoot and their paradies and in general it’s just a lot more artistic.

How long does it typically take to shoot a scene?
It varies because you don’t know if someone from the crew is going to be late or if a male performer is going to have trouble performing. For instance I had a scene when I first started out in the industry that was a boy-boy-girl scene and one of the performers was not able to perform so we ended up having to come back the next morning to shoot. But in general,  the thing that takes the longest are the photos.

I know you’re going to be rolling your eyes at these next questions but I can guarantee that most of the guys reading this will want to know… penis size, does it matter?

No preferences

So then on a scale of 1 – 10, how important is penis size?
1 – to each their own.

What do you look for when dating a guy?
Just someone who has a good sense of humor and is motivated in their life.

So I know we have to wrap up – are there any appearances or scenes that you want to promote?
Not at this time I don’t.

Anything about you that some people may not know about you?
I recently became a vegan.

Ok, so last question, do you know the game Fuck, Marry, Kill?
No, what’s that?

I’m  going to list three names and you have to fuck one, marry one, and kill one. The names I’ve chosen are people that you’ve listed on Twitter or elsewhere that you wanted to interact with.
* Matthew McConaughey
* Denzel Washington
* Howard Stern
Hmmm…I’d fuck Matthew, marry Denzel and umm I guess Howard’s just not in this picture.


This is My Fleshlight Review

What is the Fleshlight?

It’s a sex tool that:

  • Will help you last longer.
  • Get & Stay hard.
  • Make you a cum shooter instead of a dribbler.
  • Give you lots of fun.

And more. I kid you not.

What it is & Why I Decided to Get it

The Fleshlight, as we speak, is the best selling male sex tool in the world with over 12 million units sold so far. I know it’s a controversial thing for some- but hear me out and let me explain to you why I think the Fleshlight is worth every buck.

This tool has been a LIFE savior for me. Back in the day, I couldn’t last much longer than 5minutes and I needed help. After I discovered edging and doing kegels I decided to get one and went from a premature ejaculator to a guy that can now last as long as he wants to- and that’s a good skill to have.

The reason I decided to get it:

  • It was pretty cheap.
  • It looked cool.
  • I’m open-minded when it comes to trying out new tools.
  • I realized I needed to train myself to last longer.

In all honesty I expected some shitty fucking toy that was basically just a piece of plastic. Boy was I wrong. The reason I’m writing this as we speak is because I can testify to its usefulness & overall quality in terms of material. I never regretted that I got it-despite the lack of information at the time.

Now, I know you’re probably thinking…

“Only Virgins Buy A Fleshlight”

But you couldn’t be further from the truth. In fact, I lead a very satisfying sex life with lots of beautiful women and I would still get it if I hadn’t already gotten one. It’s an amazing tool that should be mandatory to get for every guy out there who takes himself seriously when it comes to sex (no pun).

Don’t see it as “a pocket pussy” –instead, see it as a TOOL

A tool that will significantly improve your sex life and your ability to last longer, get harder, and shoot cum (and other things that I’ll get to in a second).

Join the Top 5%

A lot of guys out there think they know it all when it comes to sex and they leave it at that. The fact that you are reading this means you understand the importance of always developing yourself- whether sexually, physically, mentally or spiritually. That’s a great attitude to have so good job.

I know a lot of people reading this will instantly label this as:

  • “Well this is pretty fucking weird”.
  • “Guys who get this don’t get any yum-yum”.
  • “Men shouldn’t use a ‘fake vagina’”.

And so on and so forth.

Keep in mind though that it’s always good to work on your improving yourself-including your sexual skills’. Whether that means getting learning to last longer, get in shape, or learn some new fingering techniques. It could be anything- point is you are open-minded enough to checkout awesome tools like this let me explain why I recommend it.

Why Should you Get it

If you fit any of the following criteria- you should get it in my opinion and Ill explain why.

The Fleshlight Will:

  • Help you last longer.
  • Help you reconnect and thus stay hard.
  • Help you becoming a ‘cum shooter’ instead of a ‘dripper’.
  • Give you lots of good fun.

Whether you just want a fun tool or are looking to seriously improve ‘your game’ this is for you. Even guys with a lot of experience under their belt will still benefit from getting one in my opinion because you can use it in a variety of ways to help you or help you have more fun while masturbating.

What does it feel like?

It feels like fucking a real woman- I kid you not. It doesn’t get closer than this so leave the apple pie alone and work on becoming a stronger man.

“Bangin’ this thing is like banging a sunset over the ocean”

“What Fleshlight Should I Get?”

In general I recommend you get the STU (check out Stamina Training Unit here) if you want to last longer & improve your mind-body connection and get any of the others if you just want to have fun.

Why? Because:

  • It looks great.
  • It feels great.
  • The internal texture is designed to help you last longer.
  • It will provide the most stimulation.

This is the STU Fleshlight

There are also some funky Fleshlights nowadays actually- for example:

They got a special Alien avatar pussy for example (wait what?)

And they even got a special Blade Fleshlight

I’m putting my money on the next one being a Pokemon pussy.

What do you think should be the next Fleshlight? Share your thoughts!

In all seriousness the type you get mostly depends on your motivation for getting one- functional or recreational. What’s most important though is the internal texture. This texture is different in every Fleshlight and the reason why the STU with an internal sleeve texture that is ribbed and very narrow (and thus more intense) will feel different than for example, a ‘Vortex’ alien pussy.

This is the sleeve texture of the STU by the way:


So in the end the type of Fleshlight you should get depends on your motivation for getting one in the first place (fun or training), your budget, and the sleeve texture that appeals most to you (in addition to the overall look of the Fleshlight ofcourse).

How to Use a Fleshlight

Okay so you decided to get one and you are eager to get to work- but how? I’ll explain how I used to a lot and give you some pointers. The better you use it, the better your results, your level of enjoyment, and the longer you will be able to use one.

Checkout this instructional video (its an older model they use though):



Get the sleeve out of the unit, fill your sink with warm (NOT hot) water and place it in the sink for 5minutes or so. This will warm up the sleeve making it feel as real as it can get.


Always clean your Fleshlight after using it. Cleaning it is super easy and can be done within 30seconds. Rinse it with some warm water and some soap. More info here.


Do not use the Fleshlight with a lube that is oil based for that will ruin the material of the sleeve. Just use it with waterbased lube or the lube you can get on the Fleshlight website.

Goals & Results

Lasting Longer

If you want to last longer I advise you to combine edging with using the Fleshlight. You can also work your PC muscles while using it which is a great way to recondition your mind and your body to last longer. The people from Fleshlight state that if you can last 10minutes in a Fleshlight (non stop thrusting) you can last up to 20minutes when fucking a real woman.

In my experience this is pretty close- but keep in mind that everyone is different. For a program that I used to going from a ‘5minute man’ to 30min+ checkout that eBook guide I talked about.

Staying Hard

Because some of you might have been so used to jerking off using this choke-grip of death this can be a great tool to get. That’s because it will help you reconnect your mind & body, and make your dick more aware of sensations you are experience- thus being able to stay harder.

Set a Goal & Practice

I recommend you set a goal if you decide to get one to ‘practice’. For example, at the time my goals were:

  • Lasting at least 30minutes with no problems whatsoever.
  • Stay hard in girl-on-top positions

Because I set goals I achieved them because I made it clear for myself why I would be getting one in the first place. I recommend you do the same so you can get the most ‘bang out of your buck’ so to say.

3 Funny Stroking Techniques I Discovered by Accident

So a funny thing happened when I was just practicing with my Fleshlight like a year and a half ago: I discovered 3 funny stroking techniques. I wanted to share them with you for no reason other than the fact that I think it’s funny and will be highly enjoyable for you.

The Deep throat

Seriously feels as if a girl is deep throating you and this is how you do it: slide all the way in, then push the Fleshlight even further and make twists and turn it around. Thank me later.

The Vacuum

It will feel super tight and this is how you do it: Keep the vault at the bottom of the unit closed (so it can actually create a vacuum), then stroke in the following way:

9 shallow 1 deep

8 shallow 2 deep

7 shallow 3 deep

Etc. It’s also a good technique to use when you are making loveJ

Super Thrusting

Instead of moving the Fleshlight you keep it still and you thrust yourself to improve your thrusting ability. They actually got this shower mount you can get that so you can stick your Fleshlight to the wall when showering and thrust while you are taking a shower. Might be fun actually.

3 Other Tips I Can Give You

As I mentioned before you can also use it for other things. Let me point these out to you real quick- it really helped me a lot (especially with getting used to girl on top weird as that might sound):

Condom Practice

If you are going limb with a condom on try this: next time you use the Fleshlight, put a condom over your penis and then use the Fleshlight. Yes, I know it feels different and less ‘good’- but that’s what you need to learn your body & mind. Get used to the slightly decreased sensations when you put on a condom and don’t have any more embarrassing experiences when you are actually with that hot girl.

Kegel Control

Seriously work on improving your PC muscles once and for all. Highly recommended for any guy that is dedicated to becoming a better lover. This would probably also be the best way to train yourself to become a cum ‘shooter’ instead of a ‘dribbler’.

Positional Thrusting

Going limp or softer in certain positions? Then place yourself and the Fleshlight in that position and get used to the entire feel and ‘scene’. For example, I sometimes had problems staying hard with any girl-on-top variation (probably because I want to be the dominant party when I have sex). I thus practiced with the Fleshlight by lying down and pretending as if a girl would be riding me- worked like a charm.

PS: Share any cool tips you might have

A Word on Shipping

Shipping is 100% discrete. I got mine in a default small brown box with no sender address or name that was recognizable or hinting towards anything sexual. So if you worry about shipping discretion: trust me when I say they take this very seriously and will ship to you with absolute discretion.