We Dig Jenna Ivory

Adult actress Jenna Ivory

Looking at Jenna Ivory, it’s not hard to guess why we became instantly drawn to her.  5’6, blonde and sporting curves to the maxx, this glamour girl has taken on the adult film industry in a storm, creating nearly 100 videos in less than two years.  While her look can ...

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Sex by Zodiac Signs: Part 1

Couple's sexual compatibility based on zodiac signs

One of my favorite ways to open up conversation about sex is the zodiac.  Flirty energy mixed with psychology and whah lah!  People cannot help but to indulge in the intrigue that perhaps there is more to them than what even they know.  It makes for some very fun and ...

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How to Perform Oral Sex on a Woman

Woman in underwear on bed

I pride myself on being someone who knows how to please a woman. It’s not just enough that my partner enjoys sex with me. I want to be the best at what I do. That means, when I was coming of age, I turned to those who would know the ...

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Physiological Causes Of Erectile Dysfunction

Man in bed, upset because of his erectile dysfunction.

In this article we’ll be talking about the most common physiological causes of ED. Mind you that ED is usually a combination of underlying factors. For example, you not getting hard could be a mixture of: mental stress, slightly lower levels of testosterone and excessive porn consumption. It’s usually a ...

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Fleshlight Review – Award Winning Sex Toy

The basic types of fleshlight

The Fleshlight, as we speak, is the best selling male sex tool in the world with over 4 million units that were sold so far. I know it’s a controversial thing for some- but hear me out and let me explain to you why I think the Fleshlight is worth ...

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How to Stop Premature Ejaculation: Defeat Your Caveman Brain


Let’s talk about something controversial and ‘taboo’-premature ejaculation. People reading this who know me personally will think “this guy is fucking nuts”.Well my friend, the truth is that about one in three men has problems with premature ejaculation. I’m here to propose a theory that I personally found was very helpful for solving premature ...

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Spice It Up: Sex Toy 101

Sex Toys For Beginners 2

Spice It Up! is a bi-weekly series that goes over some sexy basics to give you some new ideas to bring into your play, whether that’s solo or with a partner or partners. The world of sex toys is an expansive and confusing one – with all the kinds of ...

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